Why You Should Exercise your Feet

February 12, 2017

Why You Should Exercise your Feet

It may seem like your poor feet get plenty of exercise if you spend a lot of time standing or walking, but what you really need is a good and consistent practice of stretching out your foot muscles, including stretching out your toes. 

Even if you have feet that have been affected by the common foot problems like hammer toes or bunions, you still need to use regular stretching exercises to help promote better toe alignment and prevent further damage.

Did you known that tired feet and discomfort from muscle strain or ligament problems like plantar fasciitis can be improved or alleviated by a regular routine of stretching?

Three Best Exercises for Feet

Some of the foot exercises recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) include:

  1. Stand up and lift your heels off the ground. Hold for a count of ten then stand flat again. Try a set of ten lifts to help relieve cramps and tone your calf muscles.  
  2. Roll a ball. Remember that ball massager? It is a great way to exercise as well as relax your feet.  Using a ball massager is particularly helpful for heel and arch pain and treatment of plantar fasciitis.
  3. Use toe stretchers. Wearing toe stretchers and gently squeezing your toes can help reduce pain from hammertoes and help to strengthen and realign the toes.


Stretch Those Toes Out

We’ve already talked about foot massagers, but what about toe stretchers? 

Toe stretchers, also called toe separators, are flexible forms designed to fit over and between your toes to gently stretch, straighten and separate each toe.

Available in a variety of materials and price ranges, the most popular and best value toe stretchers are made of flexible silicone gel.

Toe stretchers are not for walking, so put your feet up and relax while you gently stretch and relax your toes. For best results, start out with a few minutes at a time. If your toes are very stiff or overlapped, begin by wearing your toe stretchers further out on your toes.  Over time, as your toes begin to relax and straighten, you can move your toe stretchers down until they fit comfortably against the web of each of your toes.

Maintaining Foot Comfort

To keep your feet looking nice and feeling good it makes sense to avoid spending long hours in shoes that squeeze and pinch. 

Even the best work shoes or athletic shoes can feel snug by the end of the day as your feet get tired and puffy. If you wear lace up shoes or boots all day, there are flexible elastic shoelaces available that give a little as you walk, spreading out the impact evenly across the top of the foot. Your feet will be more comfortable, with improved circulation.

Keeping your feet clean, along with massaging and exercising your feet and toes will go a long way towards reversing painful and disfiguring foot conditions. Aren’t your feet looking better already?



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