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Shaped like a spider with a number of long and claw like legs - who would have thought that this simple innovation can benefit us a lot. Usually made out of stainless steel metal, the legs are spindly enough that they have some flexibility, allowing them to really massage the scalp well.

They’re also long enough to reach all over the head, from the top to the crown and down to the base of the neck. At the top of the spider massager is a handle, which you operate to move the contraption around your head, making sure to stimulate all the areas.


The best way to use scalp massager is to place the contraption on the top of your head and then move the legs so they cover the head. Then you should maneuver the scalp massager upwards and downwards in generous, circular shapes. Keep the movement nice and slow to really feel the benefit, it’s a very relaxing feeling.



Headache Relief

Scalp massage can help relieve tension headaches. When performing a scalp massage on someone with a tension headache, spend extra time on the base of the skull, near the hairline, because tension often accumulates in this area. It can also help to include a massage of the forehead and temples when massaging to relieve a tension headache. Scalp massage can also help relieve symptoms of migraine headaches in some individuals.

Increased Circulation to Scalp

Scalp massage helps improve circulation of blood to the head and face, according to the Hair Style Salon website. Increased circulation at the roots of hair can promote healthy hair growth. If oil is used for the scalp massage, it can also help get rid of dandruff. The use of oil on the scalp can also help prevent new dandruff from occurring.

Feeling of Well-Being

Scalp massage feels great and can help you feel more relaxed and content. If the face is included in the scalp massage, as is often the case, it can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, because the face is less pinched when relaxed.

Better Sleep

Those who suffer from insomnia can find relief from having a scalp massage, according to the How to Massage website. Many people sleep better when they have regular massage, with improvement in both falling asleep and staying asleep. Conversely, scalp massage can also help those with fatigue feel more energized.

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