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Five Things You Need to Know About Toe Stretchers and Foot Health

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Do your feet hurt by the end of the day? For too many of us, aching feet are the price we pay for years of walking and standing!

Prolonged foot strain causes tightening of muscles and ligaments, shifting the foot and toes out of position.  Even slight changes in foot alignment will change the way you walk in ways that can lead to hip or back problems.

Medical authorities like the National Institute of Health recommend exercising your feet to improve circulation as part of regular foot care.

More and more people are improving their overall foot health using toe stretchers, an affordable foot fitness option to promote circulation and restore alignment.  

What are Toe Stretchers?

Do you just love a good foot massage, where the person stretches and pulls your toes to release the tension?  

Good toe stretchers are devices that fit between your toes to gently stretch, straighten and separate each toe. Toe stretchers are great for general foot comfort and correcting painful foot problems. You will find a wide variety of styles to choose from. Styles range from socks with individual toes to gel filled forms that come in sizes to fit over and around each toe. 

Toe stretchers designed for long-term foot health improvement are plastic or gel-filled forms that are fitted over and around the toes. These toe stretchers are not meant to be used with shoes.

How To Determine If Toe Stretchers Are For You

If you have a foot condition that causes you discomfort or pain, toe stretchers can help relax and soothe your feet. If you suffer from rubbing or overlapping toes, toes stretchers will gently separate the irritated areas.
If you have tired and aching feet from uncomfortable shoes like high heels, your toe stretchers will relax and pamper your feet, improving the circulation.

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Diabetics or anyone with skin conditions that affect their feet should ask their medical provider about using toe stretchers.


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