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Tips for Putting On Compression Stockings

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Putting on compression stockings can be hard at first - they are not the easiest garment to get on.  With practice and the 7 tips below you should find it becomes a lot easier.

Tip #1 - Put them on first thing

Always put them on first thing in the morning as soon as you get out of bed (or even before). This is when your legs are least swollen.

Tip #2 - Work inside out

Turn it inside out If you turn the stocking inside out right to where the heel of the stocking is (leave the foot part right side out), it’s a lot easier to put the stocking on. Slide your foot into the foot areaof the stocking, then carefully working from the ankle turn the rest of the stocking to right side out.  Do this 3-5 inches at a time until the whole stocking is right side out and on your leg.

Tip #3 - Use Rubber Gloves

Any type of rubber glove can be used.  The gloves will alllow you to get a better grip on the stocking as you pull it on.   Our favorites are washing up gloves, but gardening gloves with a rubber surface work just as well.

Tip #4 -  Make sure your skin is dry

Damp skin makes it MUCH harder to pull the stocking up. Make sure your feet and legs are completely dry.  If you used ointment or lotion allow it to absorb into your skin before putting your stocking on. It also helps to sprinkle a little baby powder to your foot and heel to help the stocking slide on more easily.

Tip #5 - Avoid bunching them up.   

This will create a tight band at the top which will be hard to pull up over your thigh.  Yes - I know it works for pantyhose and leggings - but definitely not for compression stockings

Tip #6 - Don't pull from the top

Always pull the stocking up from the foot, heel and upward from there.  If you pull from the top you will damage or tear the stockings.

Tip #7 - Wash them regularly

This will keep them soft and supple so they are easier to get on.  Consider have 2-3 pairs so that you can wear a pair while others are being washed.

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