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Contoured Donut Pillow

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Donut Pillow for Women - Foam Medical Anatomically-Shaped Female Relief Cushion from Lemon Hero. For Hemorrhoids, Post Natal pain, Surgery

Introducing The New, High Quality Medical Donut Cushion by Lemon Hero: This Donut Pillow is the ultimate solution for Hemorrhoids, Post-Natal pain, Post-Surgery and other Sensitive Area pain. If you want to recover faster and minimize pain, then his is the Cushion for You.

It is designed to allow your sit bones to take your weight, so they are the only part of you that touches the Cushion. That way your sore areas are untouched and can benefit from airflow.

Hugely Versatile:can be used everywhere from office chair to car to plane. Perfect for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and beds. Light and portable. Small enough to be taken everywhere

One size fits all - its design allows it to adapt to a wide range of body types.

The Cushion is made from a comfortable soft and durable memory foam and we only use Premium materials, so unlike some other pillows there is no need to air it out before using

Product Dimensions: 16 x 18 x 2.5 inches ; 1 pounds
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