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Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
Anti-Wrinkle Pads  from Natural Beauty Labs.
$ 15.99

Anti-Wrinkle Pads from Natural Beauty Labs.

We are proud to offer Chest Anti-Wrinkle Pads from Natural Beauty Labs. Reduce and eliminate cleavage wrinkles while you sleep.

  • REMOVE WRINKLES - Reduces and prevents chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on the side, sun damage, or natural aging
  • INNOVATIVE anti-wrinkle remedy instead of lotions and chemicals
  • FAST results, no negative side effects
  • CONVENIENT application at night or during naps
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If they don't help you we give you your money back.

Lines on your chest (décolleté) will appear over time – they are triggered by a combination of the natural aging process and prolonged time in the sun. When you sleep on your side the skin between your breasts can become creased, due to gravity. This leads to permanent wrinkles, which makes us look older than we actually are. Once the collagen in skin breaks down from age and sun exposure, those wrinkles tend to linger. Fact is that those generously endowed — whether surgically or naturally— tend to have more chest wrinkles. So what can we do about this?

We spend a fortune on make our facial skin look good, but don’t we forget to include our chest area? There are a number of solutions to prevent and reduce chest wrinkles, including creams, chemical peels, injections, micro needling, and laser therapy. Some of these treatments are expensive and the results often questionable.

The latest convenient and effective solution is often overlooked: chest pads made of silicone. High-quality pads targeting chest wrinkles are made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which is a material tested for biocompatibility and safety. Silicone pads help moisturize the chest area while you rest, on your back or on your side. They help retain your skin’s natural moisture - they lock it in, which promotes the prevention and reduction of lines and wrinkles on your chest. The skin-friendly material makes the application pleasant and ensures wearing comfort and effectiveness.

If you use the pads on a regular basis at night or during a nap, you’ll notice that your chest skin starts to lose its wrinkles and will look smoother, more radiant, and rejuvenated. Using silicone pads as an effective anti-wrinkle device instead of expensive remedies such as lotions, serums, or other chemical creams is the latest trend when it comes to removing the visible lines between the breasts.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, injury or condition. Discontinue use immediately if any allergic or other adverse reaction occurs. Always Consult your Medical Practitioner to ensure this product is right for you and your specific condition.