Back and Lumbar Stretcher - Stretches the Back and Improves Posture

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Our Back Stretcher is very simple but incredibly effective. It is perfect for stretching post-workout or if you have spent all day sitting at a desk and need to stretch out your back.

It outperforms foam rollers as it provides a lot more stability and won't roll around. That makes it far easier to keep in exactly the right place so you are not having to readjust your position (we settled on this product ourselves, as we were so frustrated by the foam rollers!)

You can adjust the stretch by using a mat or towels under your back, which gives it huge flexibility and allows it to be used for varying levels of stretch. Sturdily-made - it will last for years, and fully backed by our guarantee. Any problems we will give you a full refund.

Always consult with a doctor before using any exercise equipment (such as this product). If you have any history of back or other physical body issues ALWAYS talk to your doctor before using this product.

  • JUST 5 MINUTES OF DAILY USE can increase your lower back flexibility and improve your posture
  • STRENGTHEN AND SUPPORT YOUR CORE Staying injury-free often starts with the core - and our Back Stretcher is an important tool in keeping it strong and flexible.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We are so confident you will feel the difference with our back stretcher that we want you to try it completely risk free and if you don't think it's worth every penny you can get a full refund!
  • TARGETS THE HARD-TO-STRETCH LOWER BACK Provides the targeted help you can'€™t get from a foam roller, yoga mat, pillow or other generic aid. You can move around on it and target and work out the tight areas and knots
  • This is traditionally a hard area to stretch and needs the right equipment.


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