$ 12.99

Foam Tubing Grips to Make Built Up Utensils Handles. (9 Pack Assorted Sizes + 2 Extra Pen or Pencil Grips) - Create Your Own Built Up Handle Utensils and Adaptive Utensils for Arthritis

  • SOFT NON-SLIP COMFORTABLY THICK GRIP: Adding Adaptive Foam Grips will give you back control over your everyday tools - utensils, silverware, flatware, pens, toothbrushes They are easy to fit and comfortable to hold
  • INDEPENDENCE & CONTROL: Designed to give independence to people with arthritis, hand injury, grip strength problems, disabled or physical and occupational therapy patients and seniors. Build up the handle of your everyday utensils and tools with this foam tubing and you will see how much it helps with eating, writing, brushing teeth and many other day to day activities.
  • SIMPLY CUT TO LENGTH WITH SCISSORS: and slide tube onto your knife, fork, spoon, pens, pencils, toothbrush and many other items. They won’t slip while you use them and you can wash the them without removing them. Our tubes are even dishwasher safe thanks to our non-absorbent foam. This pack can be used on up to 18 of your utensils.
  • 9 PIECE COLOR-CODED ASSORTMENT PACK PROVIDES 3 SIZES + 2 Additional Pen aids. The BLUE tubes are designed for your knives and thicker or wider handled items, GREEN is for Forks, Spoons, Toothbrushes. The small YELLOW size is perfect for pens, pencils, brushes, and smaller tools. Each tube can be cut down to build up the handles of 2-3 different items.
  • Usage: Arthritis, Parkinsons, Elderly, Disabled, Occupational Therapy. Adults & Children, pencil grips for adults, parkinsons utensils occupational therapy tools liftware disabled products arthritis products built up foam tubing built up spoon built up utensils for arthritis built up handles sufferers gadgets patient special needs wide crochet hooks OT PT senior kids built up silverware built up handle tubing arthritis aids