Big Toe Bunion Shield

Size Guide

Lemon Hero Bunion Shield provides protection for your feet in a single comfortable easy to use design.

A Shield sits on the outside of the big toe, and protects it from rubbing against your shoes.

There is no separating pad between the toes, as this is designed to protect against rubbing, but does not push the toes apart.

Used regularly the Lemon Hero Bunion Protector can help to reduce skin irritation and secondary problems such as skin infections, calluses, etc.

Sizing : One Size Fits All

  • PAINFUL BUNIONS? Our bunion correctors are made from a soft deliciously comfortable gel. They provide separation as well as protection from rubbing on your shoes
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't like them we will refund your purchase
  • EASY: The Set is Easy to use, lightweight, portable, easy to clean. Great to use daily and and at night and to take with you everywhere in case you need it.Feels great to put it on!

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