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Sleep Mask in Soft Mulberry Silk
Sleep Mask in Soft Mulberry Silk
$ 12.99

$ 14.50

Sleep Mask in Soft Mulberry Silk

Our new improved Sleeping Eye Mask will be the best thing you ever did to get a good night’s sleep - no matter where you are. Our founder travels extensively on business and has to be able to snatch sleep whenever he can. This is the only Mask he found that provides the right blend of comfort, darkness and light weight - so now we are offering it to you. 

So why is it so good?

Totally Dark - Perfectly shaped to block light, and with an adjustable strap to achieve just the right fit
Premium Quality Silk - Deliciously soft quality silk. If you it doesn’t feel amazing to wear we will refund your money.
Light as a Feather - Makes it perfect to carry everywhere, and just stuff in your pocket/bag/backpack.
One Size Fits All - Great for Men and Women
100% Guaranteed - If you don’t like it just return it and we will give you a full refund… no questions asked.