No-Tie Shoe Laces

Elastic No-Tie laces can help foot health. They stretch so they give a little on impact and spread out the tension evenly across the top of the foot. They also help when you wear foot pads and other inserts.



  • People Who Need to Tie Laces Quickly and Firmly – Hikers, Athletes and especially Triathletes who have to change footwear
  • during a race and need something they can easily slip on and off
  • People who find laces challenging - Disabled People or People with Special Needs
  • Children who have not yet mastered the art of tying shoelaces
  • Outdoor Sports – they are waterproof so the laces do not get soaked like traditional cotton shoelaces which makes them great for water shoes or winter



  1. Remove your old shoelaces completely
  2. Lace shoes as normal with your new elastic laces
  3. If needed, cut the laces with scissors 3-4inches below the lock
  4. Insert both lace ends into the small clip, fold it closed and press hard to seal the clip
  5. To tighten squeeze the lock and slide up toward your ankle
  6. To loosen squeeze the lock and slide down the lace toward the toes.



Can't Get The Laces Through the Holes?

Try this …There’s a technique for getting the laces into small tight holes – as you push the end through the hole twirl the lace quickly between finger and thumb and you will find it goes through ok – sort of like a drill!

If it frays while fitting just cut the very end off with scissors and keep going – they are designed to be long enough to lose a little on the way through!

How Long Should the Lace Ends Be?

We strongly recommend you leave 3-4 inches – more if you prefer.We also recommend you tuck it in under the laces.

Make Sure the Plastic Lace End is Firmly Shut

We recommend you make sure the lace end is clipped shut nice and tight. If not it can fall off. You can open it easily and refit it, but if you lose it let us know and we will send you a replacement.


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