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5 Foot Care Tips for Dancers

Posted by Chrissy S on

As a dancer, you rely on your feet daily to perform and do your bidding. Treat them well and they will be in tip-top shape for you every time you perform. These foot care tips could apply to all of us that have an interest in foot treatment and health but they are especially important to dancers.

Tip #1 - Mind the Cut

Curved toenails or too short toenails can lead to painful ingrown nails so cut your toenails straight across leaving a very small amount of white for the length.

Tip #2 - Watch the Calluses

Do not cut a callus open and avoid soaking your feet when they have calluses. Instead, gently slough calluses to smooth them, not remove them. Calluses form for a reason and do offer a degree of protection to vulnerable areas of your feet.

Tip #3 - To Pop or Not to Pop

Blisters will happen. Blisters on a dancer’s feet are pretty common due to the rubbing and friction so you should be prepared to take care of them as they occur. Clear blisters may be popped with a sterile needle or pin and drained but do not remove the loose skin. Cover the drained blister with a loose bandage so it gets some air to aid in the healing process. Soft moleskin can be a dancer’s best friend when blisters occur, it cushions the irritated area and all you need to do is cut a piece bigger than the blister, fold the piece in half to make a slit and cut out the center so that the blister can breathe.

Tip - #4 Call up Your Alternates

Change out your dance shoes if you can for a couple of days at a time. This gives your shoes a chance to breathe and air out so that a foot fungus can not move in.

Tip - #5 Essentially Yours

Pack a small bag to tuck in with your gear in case issues pop up during practice or a performance. A small bag stocked with toenail clippers, band aids, athletic tape, moleskins, and a small pair of scissors will let you attend to any foot related problem immediately allowing you to heal more quickly and comfortably

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