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5 Tips for Reducing Bunion Pain

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Lots of people have bunions yet continue to do nothing about them because they think surgery is the only option. We have done the research for you and compiled a list to help you with bunion discomfort that does not involve surgery of any kind!

So, if you are tired of bunion pressure, pain, and chafing be sure to check our 5 tips for reducing the pain without resorting to surgery!

Tip #1 Wear Shoes That Fit Correctly.

This may seem like a no-brainer but think about it. How often do you slip on a pair of shoes that you know are uncomfortable because there are so cute? They hurt after wearing them for a couple of hours but they go so well with your outfit? It is a fact that women experience the pain of bunions more often than men and it is believed that often bunions are caused by the shoes women wear whether too small or ill-fitting. So, be ruthless and go through your closet and get rid of these shoes that you love but hate after 10 minutes of wearing them and it's too late to change! There are lots of cute styles out there to replace them with that fit well. Your feet will thank you!

Tip #2 Maintain a Normal Weight

Those few extra pounds you are carrying around may not seem like a big deal but that is added pressure on your feet which means added pressure on your bunions, too. Staying fit and active and maintaining a normal weight will help remove bunions pain. And now that you have new, comfortable shoes to weight, you can add walking or running into your routine to help maintain your weight!

Tip #3 Treat Your feet

Sometimes no matter what you do bunion pain may be unavoidable and when that happens, treat yourself and your feet to a warm soak, an ice bath or massage them. Elevate your feet when you are done if you can and try to stay off them for as long as possible and be sure to take it easy the next day.

Top #4 Use Shoe Inserts

Use shoe inserts such as arch supports that will help position your foot correctly in your shoes. These can be over the counter products or prescription orthotics from a podiatrist. Either type will help relieve your bunion pain when your foot is properly situated in your shoes and arch support will help with aching feet when you are on your feet all day. It's a double bonus!

Tip #5 Protect Your Bunion

Protect your bunion when wearing shoes with a variety of products that will cushion the area and prevent rubbing and chafing. A bunion relief sleeve with a gel-filled pad will cushion and cool the area while a big toe separator will keep the big toe in the proper position and protect the bunion at the same time. There are even little toe bunion protectors if your bunion is on that side of your foot. You can purchase these products and other bunion relief items at www.lemonhero.com

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